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At VPK we combine a local customer focus with a broad geographic reach. We attach great importance to close collaboration, both with each other and with our external partners. Together we are committed to developing circular packaging solutions, to ensure optimal product protection in a sustainable flow of goods.

Sustainability, recycling and a circular economy

VPK Packaging manufactures corrugated-board products from recycled paper fibres. 

Our sustainability efforts also extend to our clients. By optimising their packaging, we have helped them to improve their own sustainability, reduce their emissions and save space, time and money, and the environment too. 

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Our certifications

Our pursuit of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices has raised us to the pinnacles of quality. We have been awarded the highest level of BRC certification (BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials) for the production facilities in Norrköping, Sweden, and Randers, Denmark, as the first corrugated packaging manufacturer in Scandinavia. The BRC certification means that VPK Packaging is able to meet the extensive requirements for the production, storage and distribution of packaging for food and pharmaceutical products. 

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VPK Packaging Norway Quality Cerificate ISO-9001

VPK Packaging Norway Quality Cerificate ISO-14001
ECOGRIP_the corrugated solution for single use plastic
Sustainable packaging is an important issue for our planet, especially when it comes to single-use plastics that are not biodegradable. Shrink wrap is one of them and can be replaced by ECOGRIP. A sustainable packaging corrugated alternative to replace single-use- plastic shrink wrap. Fully adaptable, easy-to-use and 100% biodegradable.

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Kolonial eske med produkter og brettet versjon i forkant
PetaFold is a brand-new, customisable cardboard box made from corrugated cardboard. Each box replaces up to three regular plastic bags and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40 per cent.

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