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Consumer Goods

Want to increase the sales of your consumer products? Start with your packaging. In a world of abundance, the right packaging makes sure your product catches the eye of your customer. Of course, our packaging solutions also provide the right protection against possible damage. Attractive-looking packaged goods require a tailored approach: exactly what our packaging specialists can offer you.

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Food & Beverages

Corrugated board packaging for food and beverages can serve very different purposes. Sometimes the packaging has to protect heavy bottles from breaking, sometimes freshness is the main objective. VPK offers you targeted advice for your product. Our packaging for food and beverages is environmentally friendly and easily customisable to make sure your brand stands out.  


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If there’s one sector where packaging has to meet very specific requirements, it must be industrial packaging. Whether you need corrugated board packaging for chemicals, very large boxes for furniture or heavy-duty boxes, VPK has a vast experience in corrugated board packaging for the industrial sector. We offer advice and can provide tailor-made solutions. From boxes to octabins, we pride ourselves on tailoring packaging solutions to meet client needs.

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E-commerce has given rise to the ‘unboxing experience’. Does your packaging perform as well in this area as it could? Make sure it does with our e-commerce packaging solutions. Thanks to our in-house expertise and experience, we can offer a wide range of e-commerce-products. From easy-to-open packages to branded boxes or e-commerce boxes that can be returned without much hassle.

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Packaging solutions for every need

Strong, sustainable and protective packaging products and services adapted to your needs

Solid board packaging

Strong, safe and sustainable packaging solutions for every application imaginable

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Recycled Paper

Recycled paper grades such as testliner, fluting and greyboard, focusing on sustainability and innovation, to produce a wide range of packaging solutions.

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VPK develops a broad range of sustainable, protective packaging solutions to enhance your brand, offer superior protection and optimise the logistical chain.

Our production sites cover your packaging needs from Norway to France and from Ireland to Poland.

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Tubes, cores and edge protectors

Corex is the cores, tubes and edge protectors division of VPK Packaging Group. Their strategic network of 29 production sites, spread across 16 countries, from Europe to Asia and North America  produce coreboard for various applications, as well as a range of converted products: spiral and parallel wound cores and tubes, edge protectors and consumer packaging.
In 2019, VPK acquired the European and Chinese businesses of Corenso. Since then, the new cores division Corex combines a unique geographic spread with unparalleled experience and technical know-how.

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