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Our history ....

The International VPK Packaging Group started in October 2007 an investment project of 16 million Euro in Salonta (Bihor), a town at the border between Romania and Hungary. The project laid the foundation for VPK Packaging LTD, a modern production unit specialized in manufacturing corrugated cardboard sheets and cardboard boxes.  The first working day of 2009, we started to produce sellable board and packaging.

Almost 10 years of operations later and with investments of up to 2 million Euro per year, VPK Packaging Salonta is now producing more than 75 million m² with around 250 employees and spreads over 25,000 square meters of construction. With a capacity of more than 100 million m², combined with continuous investments, VPK Packaging Salonta still has ambitious plans for the future. Our customers are local, national and multinational companies from Romania, Hungary and neighbouring countries, which we can easily serve through our unique location.  VPK Packaging Romania is recommended by clear criteria: professionalism, high quality, personalised solutions and Just in Time (JIT) deliveries. Corex Romania LTD, member of VPK Packaging Group, manufacturer of cardboard tubes, is also located in Salonta. Its cardboard tubes are designated to several industrial applications like: plastic foil, paper, adhesive tape, etc.

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