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Decathlon: a full set of packaging solutions

Customised packaging solutions that support Decathlon's e-commerce activities

Sturdy and standardized

Sports store Decathlon’s Belgian distribution centre supplies its branches and end customers. Place an online order with Decathlon and they’ll have it at your door in the shortest time possible. To support their e-commerce activities, VPK developed a series of standard cardboard boxes emblazoned with the Decathlon logo. They are renowned for being sturdy, uniform and incredibly practical.

Modular boxes for efficient order picking

An international player like Decathlon also has numerous products delivered from its locations outside of Belgium. The company was looking for boxes that were modular, easily stacked and suitable for internal working processes. VPK created a solution that exceeded Decathlon’s expectations. Boxes adjust to fit the racks and are perfect for different-sized items.

Moreover, barcodes can be attached to the cardboard lip on the front of the box. This feature allows Decathlon staff to retrieve articles from the racks in a manner that is uniform, quick and convenient, with a scanning process that goes at lightning speed. This fast and efficient order process, free from problems, results in satisfied customers who receive their online orders in the shortest time possible.
E-commerce pakaging

Customised bike boxes

Assembled bikes can’t just be crammed into a standard box. The slightest damage is unacceptable, resulting in an unhappy client. This is why VPK customised a bike box for Decathlon. It ensures that clients unpack their bikes the way Decathlon pack them in: ready for riding.

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The e-commerce packaging from Decathlon perfectly illustrates the client-oriented approach taken by VPK. We listen, invent, produce and optimise until the client is 100% satisfied. All performed with a multidisciplinary team that’s ready to serve you. Are you looking for a total packaging solution for your e-commerce business?

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