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Guidance for compliance and quality

Ensuring the correct quality assurance systems and compliance codes for your operations

We are fully aware that you have specific quality requirements concerning packaging. Quality assurance systems and compliance codes may apply to the composition of the packaging material or the production methods of the packaging. Certain sectors have very specific requirements for their business. In the food & beverage industry for example, some food items are allowed to be in direct contact with cardboard, while other food items are not. Packaging production facilities should therefore have the appropriate food safety quality certifications.

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors often have specific cleanroom production environments and strict regulations, which packaging used in these applications should comply with. Moist products such as flowers and plants, or food products with a high fat percentage, require specific packaging. And let’s not forget the weight of a packaging box can be subject to strict requirements too.

Packaging solutions for compliance and quality 

A range of solutions across all industries to comply with all your quality requirements 

We can help you comply

In all these areas we strive to fulfil the necessary legal and quality requirements. We are fully up-to-date with the regulations of quality assurance systems such as FSC©, RESY, BRC-IOP, ISO and UN. Contact us for more information as to how we can ensure the correct legal framework in your operations.

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