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Group and palletise products

When it comes to palletizing your products, it's clear that no single universal solution exists. We'll help you find the right strategy

Are you looking for cost-efficient layer-by-layer palletizing? Is high-speed crate handling your priority? Do you need to convey heavy loads, or products that are fragile or have challenging designs? Do your products need to be grouped, or separated?

So many questions to consider, so let’s break the topic down.

Basically, product grouping and palletizing deals with three stages:
  1. The product in the box
  2. The box on the pallet
  3. The pallet on the truck

At each stage, it’s essential to optimize. Getting more product in the package, more boxes on the pallet, and more pallets on the truck can lead to significant cost savings and environmental benefits. Yet at the same time, products, boxes and pallets have to be secure and safe.

Our technical engineers fully understand the various packaging issues that may arise on your packaging lines. Thanks to their experience in product grouping and palletizing optimisation, they can ensure the optimal stacking of the packaging on the pallet and efficient pallet coverage. They also have the help of the latest 3D visualisation software.

Packaging solutions for product grouping and palletizing

Discover some of the solutions we can offer for product grouping and palletizing

Facing a palletizing challenge?

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