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Our company values

Our company values underpin and guide our business decisions. They describe the way we work together and treat each other.  At VPK you’ll experience a culture of trust, ownership, and continuous improvement, where we take care of our people and the environment. 

At VPK Group, ownership isn’t just a word on paper

VPK’s entrepreneurial spirit is in every fibre of our company. All around the world, our people are given full responsibility and trust, empowered to run our business as if it was their own. Taking ownership triggers initiative. It’s how we attract talent and manage to keep it, despite the fact that we have evolved from a family business into a powerful, privately-owned multinational. Our intrinsic level of accountability is what makes us so great to work for.

Our thinking along with you, will always be outside the box
Our high level of accountability also delivers outstanding service. Being fully aware that we are a crucial link in the supply chain, we think with you and we act fast. Going the extra mile, we help to fulfil your growing ambitions and requirements. Because we care. Our approach as a well-structured international player is decentralised and local, always close to you and your products. With one handshake you can set things in motion. That’s what makes us so great to work with.
Of everything we’ll ever do, sustainable growth is at the core

We recycle and re-use almost everything, apart from old ideas about sustainability. We go full circle. Thoughtfully investing in patient capital, we outperform and challenge the market with our long-term thinking. Sustainable growth also means well-considered growth. As a reliable partner, we like to involve you in our way of doing business responsibly, by making our mission tangible and even measurable. We’re in it for the long term, and we’ll do it our way. That’s what makes us great at what we do.

employee benefits

Curious about our employee benefits?

We offer some amazing benefits to our employees. We value your hard work and commitment and we'll reward you with a wide range of incentives and benefits to show you how much we care.

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