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Why join VPK?

It’s a competitive world and we realise that people have many choices when it comes to their job. That’s why we focus on making a difference to our employees. Helping them build a job they enjoy and providing the opportunity to develop a career within a company that we are all proud of.

Learning and development
When you join VPK you become part of our family of employees.  We’re proud of our long heritage in the UK as well as being part of a wider international group.

All our employees are given the room to bring their ideas and energy to our award-winning team.  We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion where employees are recruited and promoted based on their ability, skills, competence and motivation for each job. 

At VPK you’ll benefit from market leading rewards and benefits, you’ll be supported to develop your talents and you’ll have the backing of a global organisation committed to sustainable long-term growth.

Get to know us better

VPK was founded in 1935 and has not stopped growing since then. Thanks to our dynamic way of doing business, our long-term vision and sustainable investments, we are determined to continue our growth.

We need dedicated employees to help us achieve this growth! Today VPK Group employs 6,500 people in 70 locations in 20 countries. As a company, we pay a lot of attention to our local markets and we share our expertise and knowledge across the countries. In this way we try to guarantee the best solution according to the needs of our customers, whereby we always strive for an optimal and reliable service.
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Our commitment to sustainability

To produce our products, we recycle 1.6 million tons of paper and board on a yearly basis and use it as a raw material for our 100% recyclable and biodegradable protective cardboard packaging solutions. 

All our employees get involved in taking care of the environment, whether that’s recycling waste cardboard in our factories or sourcing power from our CorrBoard Bioenergy plant, to run operations whilst feeding excess energy to the public power grid.

Interested in our sustainability approach? Visit our sustainability page on our Corporate website.

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Our values

There are certain company values you’ll find at VPK. We believe they help in creating a workplace where you and your colleagues are able to express yourselves, develop and pursue your career goals. Get to know the drivers of our company culture. 

Get to know our values