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Supporting a strong heritage

Belvoir Fruit Farms drinks has a strong heritage built around the beautiful backdrop of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. The Belvoir Fruit Farms brand has been making fruit cordials and presses since 1984 and the company still uses the same elderflower recipe originally developed by co-founder Lady Mary Manners.

Corrugated packaging for Belvoir drinks

Relocation to a new factory meant a review of the secondary packaging

It has been a journey of expansion for the company and the Belvoir brand has significantly increased in popularity due to its Elderflower products and “natural” ingredients. An extended range, which now total over 40 flavours and an increase in the geographical supply has meant a substantial growth for the company. The drinks company now supplies a range of industries, which includes major retailers, fine foods, wholesale markets and many other retail outlets.

With an increased market presence around the world and the subsequent expansion into mainland Europe, Asia and North America – demand has grown significantly. This growth has meant a decision to expand its facilities to allow for the increasing production levels to meet higher demand levels. The result is a purpose built factory that can now support Belvoir’s increased domestic and international markets.

The relocation to the new factory and investment in new packaging equipment for both production lines at Belvoir also meant a review of the secondary packaging. As a result, VPK in the UK supplied Belvoir with wrap around boxes for all its production requirements and to increase productivity on Belvoir’s bottling lines. Moving to a new packaging design means the boxes now flow through the line with improved productivity including a significant improvement in packaging yields. The factory is more efficient at getting this much-loved product out of the door faster.

corrugated packaging for Belvoir Drinks

High-quality print and strength combined in wrap around packaging

The packaging is simple but effective and features Belvoir’s classic bottles. The print is clear and defined and follows Belvoir’s distinctive, artistic branding. The four-colour (with varnish) wrap arounds were produced on Rigid’s flagship Gopfert Evolution high quality print press at its site in Selby. Strength is vital to the protection of the bottles and the corrugated pack not only offers maximum protection to the fragile cargo but also complements Belvoir’s strong heritage and branding. As the Belvoir brand continues to grow, Rigid is looking forward to helping the company supply its packaging to a developing customer base.

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