Green logistics for Eosta's fresh produce

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Eosta is an international distributor of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and juices with a strong foundation in sustainability. The company needed a reliable, innovative partner to develop packaging solutions that would reflect and promote the brand while preserving the high quality of its products. VPK’s solid board division, Smart Packaging Solutions, answered the challenge.
Eosta peppers

Sustainable operations: the pepper box

One such packaging solution is the pre-glued and pre-folded box developed specifically for peppers. Eosta uses around 250,000 pepper boxes per year. The company wanted to make its operations leaner and greener by reducing the environmental impact of transporting empty packaging.

Smart Packaging Solutions developed an innovative, re-foldable box format. It allows Eosta to significantly increase the number of boxes that can be fitted into one vehicle. As well as making logistics more economical and ecologically responsible, the box helps Eosta to communicate its ‘Nature & More’ message in the most effective way.

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