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Torfs and VPK:  strong together in e-commerce

Torfs found the ideal e-commerce box partner in VPK

VPK and Torfs
Torfs runs over 75 shoe shops across Belgium. In 2013 it set foot on the online market. For its e-commerce shoeboxes, it had a very concrete checklist. The boxes had to be robust to survive not only the transport to the customer, but also a possible return shipment as well as a new delivery to the next customer. Moreover, they had to be reclosable, easy to fold and unfold, and look good. And all for a decent price.

Smart and good looking

VPK listened to Schoenen Torfs’ requirements and met them with its customised smart box solutions. Autolock boxes enables staff to open or close the boxes in no time at all. The use of tape strips allows the customer to easily close the box again. And boxes have an attractive design displaying the message ‘Special delivery for you’.

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