1. E-commerce


E-commerce has given rise to the ‘unboxing experience’. Does your packaging perform as well in this area as it could? Make sure it does with our e-commerce packaging solutions.

Brand differentiation

Unique design and high-quality printing can be the differentiator for your brand.

Easy-to-open and return

We're experienced in easy-to-open and, if necessary, return, packaging solution.

Damage-free delivery

Ensure protection and damage-free delivery of your goods with corrugated packaging.

Environmentally friendly

Choose corrugated packaging to answer to your customers' ecological expectations.

Does your e-commerce packaging solution do all it needs to do?

The e-commerce industry relies on meeting consumer expectations. As well as the near-immediate dispatch of goods that are safely and securely ensconced in made-to-measure packaging, they extend to a satisfying unboxing experience. Which raises the question of whether your e-commerce packaging performs as well as it needs to. At Peterson, we create e-commerce packaging solutions to make sure it does.

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Customer satisfaction: your main focus?

Packaging is crucial for e-commerce. Make sure the first touch point with your customer matches all expectations. Rely on our experience to develop your packaging solution.

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