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Food & Beverages

Corrugated board packaging for food and beverages can serve very different purposes. Sometimes the packaging has to protect heavy bottles from breaking, sometimes freshness is the main objective. VPK offers you targeted advice for your product. Our packaging for food and beverages is environmentally friendly and easily customisable to make sure your brand stands out.  


Packaging for the food and beverage industry

Our innovative approach includes different types of packaging and displays. 
Each serves a specific purpose. And more often than not, a number of purposes. This is why we offer targeted advice that helps you to streamline services. Our packaging solutions have saved clients time, space and money by optimising their warehousing and logistics services, reducing the amount of packaging they use, and by helping them satisfy clients and consumers with shelf-ready packaging. And as our corrugated-board packaging is made from recycled materials and is easily recycled after use, it is a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly solution.  

How packaging can make a difference in food and beverages.

Our packaging can help you to meet the strict business requirements in the food and beverages industry. Also, it can have an important impact in shelf life. Do you have a very specific product? Are you looking for the right package that suits your needs? Please contact us and we’ll look for the perfect solution.

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Sustainable and strong packaging solutions for food and beverages

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