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VPK Group and Double A Holdings

Double A Holdings and VPK Group, in association with Inova Pulp and Paper, launch a project to convert the DA Alizay industrial site into a Hub for sustainable development in circular economy.

Alizay site


Double A Holdings and VPK Group announce their intention to convert the Alizay paper mill into a recycled paper based production site with plans for long term sustainable development in circular economy. 

Project description and implementation

  • Double A Holdings: Divestment of DA Alizay paper production, while retaining the recently implemented 50MW green energy from biomass plant, in line with the Group's energy strategy (See BEA).  Double A Holdings will ensure smooth European market supply transition of the brands to other Double A industrial site production units.

  • VPK Paper: Transformation of the industrial site of DA ALIZAY to a recycled paper mill. Conversion and modernization of the existing paper machine to produce recycled light weight containerboard.

  • VPK Packaging: Installation of an innovative corrugated packaging production unit that will operate in conjunction with VPK’s nearby packaging plants. The corrugator will manufacture sustainable, fit to size protective packaging to supply e-commerce fulfilment sites and logistics players. ‘Fanfold’, a continuous accordion-folded corrugated cardboard, avoids excessive material consumption and reduces logistical burdens.

  • Inova Pulp and Paper (IPP): Implementation of a recycling plant for waste paper for the production of deinked pulp on the DA Alizay site.

  • Bioenergie Alizay (BEA): Produces green electricity from biomass since January 2021 and will for a long term supply the decarbonated steam to IPP deinked pulp plant and to VPK converted paper mill. Third largest electricity production unit from biomass in France with a capacity of 50MW.
Alizay Paper Machine

Industrial concept

The Alizay Sustainable Development Hub is at the heart of the circular economy and contributes to the economic and industrial development of the Normandy region in the context of its sustainability transition.   

DAH and VPK are combining forces to transform the Alizay production site into a model of circular economy with the project of upgrading and converting the Alizay paper machine into packaging production and enhancing the mill’s environmental performances. The investment project includes the implementation of a recycled pulp plant and the conversion of the existing paper machine to produce light weight recycled containerboard. 

VPK has proven competence in running large conversion projects successfully with its Blue Paper mill transformation in Strasbourg. Driven by the dynamism of the packaging board market, the group is continuing to anchor itself in France through the conversion of the Alizay paper mill. The mill’s output will primarily supply its own packaging converting plants in France and in the UK. VPK’s continuous growth in packaging production turned it into one of the main containerboard purchasers in Western part of Europe.

In addition to offering a unique sustainable development platform, VPK plans to develop innovative packaging solutions in line with the growth of e-commerce and will contribute to the  promotion and implementation of sustainable development and circular economy solutions towards e-commerce fulfilment sites and logistics players. The ‘Fanfold’ products will avoid excessive material consumption and reduce logistical burdens by enabling fit to size packaging. 
IPP is strengthening the sustainable development hub through the implementation of its recycling plant for deinked pulp based on the recovery of waste paper fibers. The deinked pulp will be sold to mills producing hygienic, office and packaging paper grades. 

BEA, the newly operated electricity production mill from biomass located on the Alizay site will support the long term operational supply of steam to both IPP and VPK. Following the conversion and implementation, both mills will have access to green energy and have their carbon footprints reduced. The new boiler will as well contribute to the energy valorisation of internal residual materials, as in return generate steam for recycled containerboard and recycled pulp production and electricity for the power grid. 

DAH continues to be committed to the French and European markets and plan to support its office paper brands through its facility in Thailand and will work with VPK to ensure a smooth market supply transition of its office paper brands. 

These investments enhance the circular and industrial ecosystems on the Alizay site by ensuring long term valorisation of locally recovered paper and biomass.   

General information

About Double A Holdings 
Investment holding company owner of DA Alizay and BEA.
About DA Alizay 
DA Alizay is a paper production company, where the following activities are carried out: paper production, converting, steam and electricity production from biomass.
About VPK Group 
The Belgian VPK Group produces recycled paper, corrugated cardboard packaging, solid board packaging and cores. VPK has a strong presence in France with two paper mills, nine corrugated box plants and one core winding plant. In addition to VPK Packaging, VPK Group’s overall brand portfolio includes Corex for the production of core board and cores, Smart Packaging Solutions for the production of solid board packaging and Aquila for the production of corrugated board sheets. Employing over 6.500 people across 65 locations in 20 countries, the group records a turnover of €1.5 billion. 

About IPP 
IPP is a deinked pulp production company, with the main focus on: collection and handling of waste paper, deinking and production of pulp, storage and sale of deinked pulp to the market. 

About BEA 
BEA is a green energy production company (steam and electricity), where the following activities are carried out: biomass handling, combustion in a fluidized bed boiler, low pressure steam and electricity production through a condensing turbine.