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Corrugated packaging for a good cause

YouthStart is a Belgian organisation dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among youths and young adults who are looking for opportunities. Through a unique combination of practical training and motivational coaching, participants discover their talents and enhance their self-confidence. At the end of an eight-day training course, they present their business plan.

The organisation focuses specifically on minors and young adults who are working part-time and who have limited opportunities in the jobs market. An impact study has shown that, among the target population of young people aged between 16 and 30 years, the unemployment rate fell from 34% to 17% after they had undergone the coaching programme. Since the course was set up, more than 5,600 young people have taken part in the course. 

Check out the testimony of Hamdi here.

Thanks to sponsorship, YouthStart was recently able to update its IT infrastructure. This expensive equipment has to be transported each time to various teaching locations throughout Belgium. So, in addition to the organisation’s core objectives, there are a great deal of logistical concerns to contend with. And we are very happy to help in this respect, because VPK has been sponsoring this great project structurally for many years.

In addition to its annual donations, this year VPK provided YouthStart with a few hundred corrugated boxes. From now on, the most expensive teaching materials will be transported in robust, reclosable packing boxes that can carry heavy loads thanks to their double wall cardboard. VPK is very supportive of YouthStart’s objectives and would like to take this opportunity to wish the participating young people all the best for their training course!