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How corrugated cardboard can improve your value chain

The end of the year is coming and brings with it the holiday season. This is especially an exciting time for the younger ones because the holiday season means it is time for presents. Corrugated cardboard packages can provide added value in this.

Sustainable packaging alternative

Our customer Splend-it ID! is a provider of gift packages for various occasions. One of these important occasions is the yearly Saint Nicolas fest. In the run-up to this period, an online promotion starts where a complete gift package can be ordered at a competitive price. Previously, the entire package containing toys and treats was offered in a plastic box, but this year our customer asked VPK to provide a sustainable alternative.

With this task in mind, our packaging specialists went to work. The result goes further than just offering a sustainable solution: once all of the items have been unpacked the box can easily be crafted into a cardboard theatre. With this creative concept we managed to create added value for our customer and even more play time for our little end users. 

Cost-efficient added value

The creative print completely matches the playful concept of the box. We also considered the costs involved and as a result the design was developed completely in monochrome, which makes it very cost efficient. Perhaps most important, the use of cardboard and the creative expertise of our packaging experts provide clear added value for our client and end users alike.

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