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New ultra-modern case maker for packaging plant in Oudegem

VPK's production site in Oudegem, Belgium, has a new, ultra-modern machine. The case maker Martin 924 produces American boxes with 6-colour printing in a single pass. This means an increase in the total corrugated packaging capacity of 5 million m²

Equipped for standard and coated paper

The Martin 924 is equipped with infrared drying. This is necessary in order to ensure a perfect drying of the printing on coated paper. This primarily concerns glossy, high-quality paper used for luxury consumer products. Additionally, the machine will also be used to support the production of traditional American boxes with brown paper. 

Printing, die cutting, folding and gluing in a single in-line process

The printing of the cardboard is the first stage of the production process. Without the Martin 924, the printed cardboard needs to be die-cut, folded and glued by other machines. Thanks to the modern features of the new machine, a single in-line process is now possible: six-colour printing, die-cutting, folding and gluing with perfect quality at very high speed. The final result? Outstanding quality and competitive lead times. 

The total investment project - which amounts to approximately 7 million - also includes the installation of a double-deck WIP and a second central pallet inserter. The supply of pallets to the various finishing machines therefore no longer needs to be done by forklifts, which is a big step forward for safety and for internal, logistics optimisation.

The new case maker will also ensure extra volume. The total annual corrugated packaging capacity will increase by 5 million m², or 2,500 tons, equivalent to 500 full transports.