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Remake for Raamsdonksveer

The VPK site in Raamsdonksveer (NL) has undergone a complete remake. Responding to growing customer demand, EUR 20 million has been invested to improve both the quality and capacity of our corrugated packaging. A brand new corrugator and an additional boxmaker were already brought into use last year. In April, the die-cutting capacity will be further increased as well.

Total investment plan for a growing market share

To satisfy the growing Dutch market demand, VPK decided to make a huge investment in the Raamsdonksveer location. The new machines improve the quality of finished products and they allow us to better respond to the short term needs of customers.

The project started last year and will be completed in April this year.

Corrugated production and processing capacity improve considerably

During the first phase, the WIP field was extended from a single deck to a double deck in August 2016. The expansion of the work in progress field, where corrugated boards are stored for further processing to packaging, optimises the internal logistics flow of the site and it is a necessary step in order to increase the corrugated board production.

The construction of a new corrugator followed in September. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe produced the 2.80 m wide machine, which reaches an impressive production speed of 400 m per minute. As a result, thecorrugated production capacity has nearly doubled. The construction of the new machine went very smoothly, which meant that it could be launched in December, as scheduled.

In addition to the increase in the corrugated board production, a major investment was also made in packaging capacity. A Mitsubishi EVOL 100 boxmaker, as was previously put into use in the Rigid site in Selby (UK), provides additional capacity for American boxes.  The four-colour machine produces up to 350 boxes per minute, with top of the range folding, gluing and printing quality.

Enhanced quality and shorter delivery times

During the final stage, the die-cutting capacity will now also be expanded with the addition of a Bobst Mastercut line. It is expected to be operational from April onwards. The total investment costs for the expansion of corrugated cardboard production, packaging capacity and WIP exceed EUR 20 million. The entire project improves delivery times, quality and efficiency.