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Scandinavian investment plan deployed in full

The announced investments in the Peterson Scandinavian packaging division are currently being rolled out in full. The EUR 25 million investment plan is aimed at upgrading machinery, increase productivity and extend quality standards for customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Six new converting machines and optimisation of a corrugator

  • The extensive investment plan was announced earlier this year. The first installation took place in the display factory near Sarpsborg in Norway. Two new plotters were installed, in line with the recently installed digital printer. 
  • In August, the Swedish Bäckefors site received a new Göpfert jumbo line. With sheet measurements up to 2.45min in width and 4.80m in length, this type of packaging is important in markets such as the furniture and automotive industry. 
  • One month later a Göpfert rotary die-cutter was installed at the Randers site in Denmark. Ideal for shelf-ready packaging, custom-made for food and FMCG customers. Peterson purchased not one, but two of these machines. The other one will soon be running in Norrköping, Sweden.
  • The corrugated cardboard machine in Randers will also be optimised by the end of this year. The dry-end section will be replaced in full. The raw material machine will therefore provide more stable and higher quality output for all converting machines.
  • Finally, the Danish site is also expecting a new case maker to be installed in March 2018.

First Scandinavian locations for corrugated packaging with the highest BRC quality standards

In addition to extensive replacement of the machinery, in June the Randers and Norrköping sites became the first Scandinavian corrugated cardboard locations with the highest BRC quality label.

"With the highest BRC level we can now provide an answer to the strict quality standards in the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector. This is a quality standard that provides real added value to customers, as it contributes to a more sustainable supply chain," explains Dan Johannessen, Managing Director of Peterson.

The total investment plan amounts to approximately EUR 25 million. New winds are blowing through Peterson with the replacement in terms of infrastructure, quality, innovation and productivity. 

"The announced investments were approved shortly after the takeover in October, last year. We are very excited with this new direction we have taken. The investment plan shows that we are genuinely invested in the future, both ours and our customers’", adds Dan Johannessen.