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Cardboard boxes, displays and mobiles for the anniversary edition of  Cirk! festival

Belgium -- VPK Packaging Group sponsors the construction of a cardboard belfry tower in Aalst, while also creating additional promotion with displays and mobiles.  

VPK sponsors the construction of a cardboard belfry replica The Cirk! festival is traditionally held in the last weekend of August in Aalst, which is also home to VPK's head office. For the tenth edition, the organisation opted for a special main attraction in the form of a cardboard reconstruction of the Aalst belfry tower.
VPK Packaging Group was happy to provide the 1,300 boxes needed for the artwork. Preparations for the construction started a week in advance. Hundreds of volunteers, including VPK colleagues and their family members, participated in workshops to prepare the various components. During the festival itself, all pieces were assembled to create an impressive cardboard replica of 25 metres high.

And VPK did not stop there. During discussions with the organisation, it soon became clear that corrugated offered other opportunities too. The display division set to work to design a striking column for clever distribution of programme booklets. The result? Colourful small belfry towers at 18 central squares.
VPK produced displays and mobiles for Cirk festival In addition to the displays, we also produced more than 1,000 cardboard mobiles. The hanging, printed figures were used to decorate shop windows one week in advance. Together with the displays, they provided optimal visibility and promotion for the festival. This was also an environmentally friendly approach, as all designs are perfectly recyclable.

Find out more about Olivier Grossetête, the artistic brain behind the tower, and witness the construction of the artwork in the video below.