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VPK offers various models of e-commerce packaging. Discover our range of possibilities.

E-commerce requirements

Corrugated packaging in e-commerce is very demanding and has a wide variety of requirements. Online shoppers want their parcels to promise an ultimate unboxing experience and to arrive as a real gift. VPK ensures that your packaging offers that. We do this by not only creating a great design, but also by advising you on the technical aspects that your packaging needs.
e-commerce_protecting products

Protection of your product

Our sustainable packaging solutions guarantee the optimal protection of your product throughout the entire value chain, from handling and transport to delivery to the end customer.

VPK is an official member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). Our Design and Expertise teams have extensive practical experience and are trained to help you through the process of compliance and regulation:

  • Frustration Free Packaging (FFP): when designing the most suitable packaging for your product, we base ourselves on the FFP guidelines created by Amazon. By designing a packaging that perfectly fits around your product, we engage ourselves to reduce packaging waste as much as possible. When your product arrives at the end customer, your parcel should be easy-to-open and your product in perfect condition.
  • Ship in own Container (SIOC): we avoid overpacking by using your secondary packaging as your primary packaging.
  • ISTA 6 testing: VPK partners with certified labs to test and approve your packaging according to the ISTA 6 directives.

Reducing environmental impact

At VPK we combine a local customer focus with a broad geographic reach. We attach great importance to close collaboration, both with each other and with our external partners. Together we are committed to developing circular packaging solutions, to ensure optimal product protection throughout the supply chain.

As we offer a 100% recyclable packaging solution, we expand the purpose of it and minimize the impact on the environment. By offering practical reclosing solutions, we make it possible to redistribute our packaging. Our boxes are sturdy enough to also reuse them in other applications, and so prolong their life cycle.
e-commerce_easy to open and reclose

Easy to open and reclose

Most e-commerce companies offer a return policy. Therefore ensuring a box should be easy to close, easy to open and reclose again have become important requirements. 

Adding tear tape or tear perforations make it possible to open the box without damaging it or its contents. A ready glued bottom ensures smooth erecting and filling of your packages.

By offering re-sealing options, our boxes can be easily re-used. The option to add up to two glue tapes makes it easy for the boxes to be closed during the packing process, as well as allowing the end-user to reclose again if they are not satisfied with the product and would like to return it.
e-commerce_optimal usage of space

Optimal usage of space

When you are looking for a suitable packaging for your product, you want it to be used as optimally as possible. It often happens that parcels sent via e-commerce channels are too large compared to the product in it. This entails potential risks such as damage to the product because it is not securely fastened in the box. When the space is not used optimally, you also send a large part of lost space or in other words, "air".
Our range of e-commerce packaging solutions varies from a standard box up to a 100% tailor-made solution designed around the product. We strive to optimise the product to packaging ratio and avoid lost space within your parcels.

Brand awareness

Today packaging is more than just a way to transport products safely. They have also become indispensable when it comes to branding.

Our unique designs and high quality printing possibilities enhance your brand and customer experience so that the packaging becomes a real marketing instrument and contributes to your brand and an ultimate unboxing experience of your product.
e-commerce_easy handling

Easy to erect and fill

When you are active in the e-commerce business, you want the handling process for preparing your parcels to be as efficient as possible. This not only saves time, but is also more cost efficient. VPK offers various options to meet this requirement.

Our tailor-made e-commerce packaging solutions offer the possibility to add a ready glued bottom which simplifies erecting and filling of your boxes. Together with our customer we search for the best-practice during the planning process. And in case the product doesn’t meet with the expectations of the end-customer, a second tape allows the box to be easily reclosed for the return shipment.

E-commerce - inspiring articles

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Inspiring articles

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E-commerce is a booming business. More and more manufacturers and consumers want to have their parcel delivered in sustainable packaging. Not sure where to start?

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