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Standard American boxes

VPK is a large supplier of American boxes, both for e-commerce as for general purposes. Standard boxes are known for their great versatility, suitable for a wide range of products and applications.


Suitable for all industries, including e-commerce

Thanks to the enormous versatility in dimensions, strength and filling processes, standard boxes can be used in any sector and are therefore also extremely suitable for e-commerce. Besides the packaging, VPK is also able to design and produce customised inserts for enhanced product stability during transport.

Standard boxes can either be produced unprinted as a cost-efficient transport box, or with high-quality printing to enhance your brand and increase the unboxing experience.

Most important key features:

  • Frequently used e-commerce solution
  • Suitable for manual and automated filling
  • Various printing possibilities

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E-commerce is a booming business. More and more manufacturers and consumers want to have their parcel delivered in sustainable packaging. Not sure where to start?

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