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Branding and customer experience

Uniquely creative, customised packaging is key to distinguishing your products.

Shelf ready packaging enhances brand identity, improves the end customer experience, optimally presents products on the shelf and at point-of-sale, and much more. However, when it comes to branding and customer experience, a major shift is happening. This is the move away from in-store to more hybrid models. The main driver of this evolution is e-commerce. Customers are increasingly experiencing shopping at-home rather than in-store. This means that a customer’s first and primary link with the brand is often the packaging.

Is your packaging easy?

Brand owners therefore have to take packaging very seriously. They have to take into account that consumers are demanding sustainable and frustration-free packaging. Above all, consumers want easy packaging. This means it’s easy to open, easy to re-use to return a product to the supplier if necessary, and easy to recycle. Moreover, they dislike seeing excess, wasteful packaging.

Is your packaging attractive? 

Whether your focus is on shelf ready packaging, or e-commerce packaging – or both – to support your brand strategy it’s essential to customise packaging design and printing. This can be standardised or with high-quality printing, on coated or uncoated paper. Our integrated customer teams have packaging creatives who can design the perfect shape, size and print for any kind of corrugated packaging.

Put us to the test

Give our packaging creatives a call. They will help your shelf ready packaging stand out on the crowded shelf. Or can help you optimize your packaging to meet your e-commerce goals.

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