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Printing solutions

State-of-the-art equipment and processes ensure quality at every stage of printing.

High-quality printing, coated or uncoated paper printing, digital printing, offset printing, flexo printing, one to eight colours, inside printing, … At VPK our capabilities stretch to cover all these printing requirements. We also convert pre-printed corrugated board, always delivering a high-quality finish. And we can perform up to 8-colour printing on your corrugated packaging.

Six-colour printing in a single pass

Next to the various printing techniques that your packaging might require, we can also provide food-safe printing inks for food packaging with direct food contact. Six-colour printing is no problem for us either, even in a single production pass. This means die-cutting, printing and folding-gluing within one pass.

Standard to luxury printing

Are your requirements mainly focused on printing of traditional boxes based on brown paper? Or do you need printing on the shiny, high-quality paper commonly used to package luxury consumer goods? For standard brown box printing, retail-ready packaging solutions, or high-quality printed requirements, you will get excellent quality at competitive delivery times.

Whatever your printer needs...

We’d be delighted to hear from you to discuss how we can bring more colour and vibrancy to your corrugated packaging solutions.

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