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At VPK we combine a local customer focus with a broad geographic reach. We attach great importance to close collaboration, both with each other and with our external partners. Together we are committed to developing circular packaging solutions, to ensure optimal product protection in a sustainable flow of goods.

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Sustainability Report 2021
Our sustainability report is out

Our new Sustainability Report is out!

VPK has a long tradition of sustainable entrepreneurship. We have always involved our stakeholders in this journey and consistently applied best practices to optimize the use of resources such as raw materials, energy and water, while reducing emissions, effluent and waste.

In 2020, we took things a step further. We decided to actively survey our various stakeholders in our materiality analysis and thus gain even more insight into which sustainability aspects matter the most. As a result, we have been able to further detail our approach to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Interested in learning more about our achievements of 2020? Read our latest Sustainability Report covering best practices from our international divisions as well as specific data of reported key indicators.

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ECOGRIP_the corrugated solution for single use plastic
Sustainable packaging is an important issue for our planet, especially when it comes to single-use plastics that are not biodegradable. Shrink wrap is one of them and can be replaced by ECOGRIP. A sustainable packaging corrugated alternative to replace single-use- plastic shrink wrap. Fully adaptable, easy-to-use and 100% biodegradable.

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