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Whistleblowing system

The VPK whistleblowing system is an internal reporting tool designed to enable employees and others associated with VPK (e.g. clients, suppliers, etc) to report unethical behaviour or violations of law within our organization. The system can be used to raise all serious concerns which fall within the scope of the legislation regarding protection of whistleblowers. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your report within 7 days. Within 3 months after the confirmation of receipt, you will receive feedback on your report.

Read the Code of Conduct 

Make a report

You can choose to report either with disclosure of your name and contact details, either anonymously. In case you choose to disclose your name/contact details, your identity will only be known to those who receive and handle your report. In case of anonymous reporting, your identity will remain fully concealed, even to those receiving your report. It is recommended to report with disclosure of your name/contact details, as it provides the best possible case processing and ensures you the best possible protection.


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